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Piano Strings inside a 9' Concert Grand Piano

Supporting the Fine Arts in DFW
— Since 1975 —

Pianotex, Inc., provides professional piano services to individuals, churches, schools, and organizations throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.

We’ve helped thousands of people buy, tune, repair, restore, move, and maintain their pianos.

Because we’re located in the very heart of DFW, we can help people with their piano needs from Benbrook to Plano. From the Southlake-Keller-Grapevine area to Cedar Hill and Waxahachie.

If you’re in or near Dallas, Fort Worth, or Arlington, TX, we invite you to call us first.

We’re recognized for quality piano craftsmanship, musical excellence, and outstanding service

When you choose Pianotex, you can:

  • Find the quality used, reconditioned, or restored piano of your dreams in our piano showroom
  • Ask us to expertly repair, refinish, or restore your upright, baby grand, or grand piano
  • Get your piano tuned and maintained by one of our professional piano technicians
  • Schedule a piano move, inspection, appraisal…and more

Although we specialize in working with older pianos, we also tune and maintain new pianos for individual owners, churches, schools, and universities. In fact, we tune as many as 1000 pianos (old and new) each year within the DFW Metroplex and surrounding communities.

Pianotex is owned and operated by professional piano technicians

Pianotex is one of the few full-service piano companies in Texas fully owned and operated by piano technicians.

Mason & Hamlin Grand Piano Model A (1923)

Founder and co-owner, Anna Scott, is recognized as one of the first female Registered Piano Technicians (R.P.T.) in the nation. Along with Theron Ice (co-owner, Associate P.T.G.) and our hand-picked team of piano technicians, we’re proud of our more than 100 years of combined piano technician experience.

We bring our technical skills and craftsmanship to every piano we sell and every customer-owned piano we tune, repair, recondition, or restore.

Our reputation depends on it. And the people we serve expect it.

We specialize in bringing older pianos “back to life”

Packard Upright Piano (1909)

When we’re preparing a piano for sale in our showroom or working on a customer-owned piano in our workshop, we’re at our very best.

Our goal is to get each piano into excellent playing condition, whether built in the 1890s or the 1990s.

Sadly, not all pianos are good candidates for reconditioning or restoration. That’s because many pianos we inspect or appraise never received the care and ongoing maintenance needed to preserve their musical life and usefulness.

For us, there’s nothing more heartbreaking than to tell a family that their heirloom piano needs much more restorative work than the market value of the instrument.

Many pianos hold great sentimental value, of course. So, we advise about cost and value and then let each customer decide if they want to move ahead with their project.

How we select and prepare pianos for sale in our showroom

Only 2% of the pianos make it through our stringent selection process.

We’re looking for the best piano recondition and restoration candidates we can find – that can be reasonably priced after all work is complete – so you can enjoy a beautiful piano that matches your needs and your budget.

In our workshop, we inspect and evaluate more than 10,000 parts inside each piano.

Then, we develop our technical worksheet and a detailed plan of action.

Depending on the amount of technical work required, the process for each piano can require weeks… sometimes months… of meticulous preparation.

Some pianos simply need tuning, new dampers, action regulation, plus minor case touchup and cleaning.

Others may require a complete set of strings, tuning pins, and a new pin block… or soundboard cleaning and bridge repairs… or new hammers, shanks, and flanges.

Our goal is to return each piano to original specifications. We want each instrument to play and sound as good – or better – than the day it shipped from the factory.

Each piano for sale in our showroom must:

Look Great
  • Clean as a whistle –
  • 10,000 parts inside the piano
  • Polished cabinet, bench, brass, and pedals
Feel Great
  • Excellent touch / response –
  • Light staccato to full / sustained chordal playing
  • All styles… from Classical to Jazz and popular music
Sound Great
  • Excellent tone quality
  • Good dynamic contrast
  • Smooth tonal transitions between registers
  • A-440 tuning

You can find great piano names in our showroom that typically include Steinway, Mason & Hamlin, Baldwin, Yamaha, and Kawai. Each instrument meticulously returned to excellent – often immaculate – condition and ready for a new home and decades of beautiful music.

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Anna Scott and Theron Ice, Pianotex Owners

Anna Scott and Theron Ice, Pianotex Owners

If you’re looking to buy, professionally maintain, or restore
a piano in Dallas-Fort Worth, you can count on Pianotex
for excellent advice and experienced craftsmanship.

We invite you to visit our new Pianotex location:

3214 W Park Row Dr, Ste E
Arlington, TX 76013