Theron Ice, Associate P.T.G.

Theron began playing piano at a young age and played professionally through the late 1980s. He played piano for well-known performing artists like Reba McEntire, Willie Nelson, and Stevie Ray Vaughan.

Co-owner of Pianotex, Theron enjoys playing all styles of music including Classical, Jazz, and Broadway favorites. ManyTheron Ice, Pianotex Co Owner of our customers ask him to play an old standard or two after a piano tuning service in their home.

Theron’s musicianship and performance skills combined with more than 35 years experience in piano restoration help him offer top-notch advice and service to our customers. His expertise in the physical, musical, and aesthetic qualities of pianos is appreciated by a long list of Pianotex clientele.

Theron regularly provides concert tuning and piano preparation services for recording artists, concert venues, universities, music teachers, and the film industry. Period and art case pianos he procured for professional designers have graced the homes of discerning musicians for decades.

Theron Ice tuning a concert grand piano

Theron Ice tuning a concert grand piano for a recent Symphony Arlington concert