Our Services

PIANO TUNINGPiano technician tuning a baby grand piano

An art in itself, piano tuning has many subtle temperament and stretch values which musicians can prefer one to the other. Pianotex has years of experience in applying the proper historical or modern tunings where these nuances are appreciated by the musician and listeners. Read more about piano tuning.


From sticking keys to broken piano legs, we can correct just about any structural, mechanical, or cosmetic problems that a piano can suffer. The procurement or remanufacturing of rare or missing parts is one of the many specialty services we offer. We can also evaluate smoke, water and mold-damaged pianos to determine the viability of a piano’s future performance and its cost effectiveness. Read more about piano repair.


Using environmentally friendly products, Pianotex returns the finish of your piano to its original condition. Or, we can apply a wide variety of custom finishes to go with the other furniture in your home. The polishing or re-plating of all cabinet hardware is included in all refinish work as well as the replacement of cabinet felt. Original gold leaf decals indicating the piano’s brand name are also affixed prior to the last coat. Visit our store and see some wonderful examples of true piano finishes.


Musicians prize the superior instruments of the early 20th century the world over. We hand select all the candidates for complete restoration to ensure the most musical and monetary satisfaction from this process. Many piano owners are unaware that they have classic examples of great American or European pianos in their own living room. Let us appraise your piano to determine if you might own one of these rare jewels. Your restored family piano could be your most prized heirloom if lovingly restored to original condition.


Many of the live performances and subsequent recordings of these concerts that involve a piano in the DFW Metroplex are maintained by Pianotex. From classical to country venues, the pianos used were serviced and tuned to the artists’ requirements by our staff. If you need concert or recording piano services, let us work with your audio technician or engineer to help make your performance the best it can be.

MOVING / LOCAL AND NATIONWIDEPianotex can move your piano anywhere

To ensure the utmost safety to both you and your piano, let our bonded and insured movers take care of your valuable piano’s re-location. Our movers can negotiate the most complicated of moves with the ease that only comes from years of experience. Whether it’s across town, or across the nation, we can assure worry-free drayage for your piano. Read more about piano moving.