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Concert Grand Piano on Stage

Get your piano sounding its best
for your next DFW concert event

Many of the live performances and subsequent recordings of these concerts that involve a piano in the DFW Metroplex are maintained by Pianotex. From classical to country music venues, the pianos were serviced and tuned to the artists’ requirements by our staff.

We are so lucky to have Pianotex as a sponsor and a partner for our free concerts. Whenever we have artists who need a piano, they are right there ready to help. They are an asset to our community with their giving spirit and musical expertise!” – Cathy O’Neal, Communications Director, Levitt Pavilion

If you need concert or recording piano services, let us work with your audio technician or engineer to help make your performance the best it can be.

Good Afternoon Anna and Cher!

With another successful season under our belt, I would like to extend a Texas size heart-felt thank you to Pianotex and to you both!! We truly appreciate your support, and we’re grateful for your generous contributions! All of our guests were extremely complimentary of the pianos. Because of your generous sponsorship, we can continue to provide outstanding classical music!!” – Bethany Thomey, General Manager, Symphony Arlington

An art in itself, piano tuning has many subtle temperament and stretch values which musicians can prefer one to the other. Pianotex has years of experience in applying the proper historical or modern tunings where these nuances are appreciated by the musician and listeners.