Piano Moving Services in Dallas-Fort Worth, TX

Piano Moving Dallas Fort Worth, Pianotex

Choose Pianotex to safely move
your upright or grand piano

Within the Dallas – Fort Worth Metroplex

Within the state of Texas

Within the continental U.S.

Inside your home (room to room)

From a rehearsal room to the concert stage

Pianotex moves hundreds of pianos every year

We don’t move furniture, lawn mowers, or swing sets – we only move pianos.

With our piano movers, you can expect careful and professional handling of your piano. When moving valuable instruments that can each weigh between 350 and 1200 pounds, skill, muscles, and experience matter.

Call to tell us about your piano moving project.
(See our “Top Ten” list below for guidance.)

After we get your information, we’ll prepare a competitive piano moving quote for you.

Our professional piano movers believe in “safety first”

Our experienced, bonded, and insured piano movers always use specially-designed piano moving equipment to safely move your grand, baby grand, or upright piano. That’s because they want to protect your instrument, walls, doors, floors…and people…from any damage or harm.

Our piano movers can negotiate the most complicated of moves with the ease that only comes from years of experience. Whether it’s across town, or across the nation, we can assure a worry-free move for your piano.

And when we set up your piano at your destination, we’ll check to make sure piano keys, music desk, fallboard, and pedals all work correctly.

Just a note of thanks to the wonderful folks at Pianotex for doing such an excellent job of moving our piano. We could not have asked for a cleaner or more thorough move and setup…all done with cheerfulness, despite the work involved.

Pianotex couldn’t have been more helpful in every aspect of the move, and I would not hesitate for an instant to recommend the professional staff at Pianotex to any of our family or friends.” Another BIG thank you from Karen Griffin, Arlington, TX.

Our “TOP TEN” Piano Moving Questions We’ll Ask You

  1. What type of piano do you need moved? How tall is your vertical piano (e.g. spinet, console, studio, full upright)? Measure from floor to the top of the piano lid. How long is your grand or baby grand piano? Measure from the keyboard side of the piano (in front of the keys) to the tail of the piano.
  2. Who is the piano manufacturer? This information helps us estimate the weight of your piano.
  3. What’s the address of the pickup location? And who will meet our movers?
  4. What’s the address of the delivery location? And who will meet our movers?
  5. What date (or range of dates) do you need the piano moved?
  6. How many inside and outside steps (if any) at pickup and delivery location?
  7. How many turns? Describe any difficult turns or tight fits the mover must make at either location. Example: top of a staircase with a small landing area.
  8. Any outside non-concrete terrain to cross? Examples of difficult terrain can include a steep driveway, a gravel driveway, stepping stones (instead of a sidewalk), or a lawn.
  9. Will the piano movers need to use an elevator in your building?
  10. Does your piano have a digital, electric, or pump player mechanism?

Your information will help us prepare a competitive price quote for you.

Get a quote – Call us (817) 226-9000


Many people request early morning piano move times. Our piano movers usually plan a daily 7am to 5pm schedule – Monday thru Saturday.

For the best chance of scheduling your preferred moving day and range of times, we suggest you call us at least 3 to 5 days ahead.

FYI #1: Our least crowded days tend to occur midweek.

FYI #2: Our Saturday piano moving schedule usually fills up first. So we encourage you to call at least 5 to 10 days ahead if you want Saturday.

*** One more thing…

If you’re moving a piano to any DFW Metroxplex location within 20 miles of Arlington, ask us for a combination (moving and tuning) quote, too.

I just wanted to let you know what a great job Pianotex did moving my piano this weekend. The movers were extremely prompt – in fact they were 5 minutes early! The gentlemen placed the piano exactly where I wanted it. There was no mess and no fuss. They were finished in 10 minutes and out the door. They were very friendly and polite. If I ever need a piano moved again, Pianotex will be the very first place I call. I was very happy with the price and service.” – Sincerely, Holly Nelson (July 2012)