Piano Repair – Hammers, keys, strings, & more

You can expect top-quality repair work from our
experienced team of piano technicians

From sticking piano keys to broken piano legs, we can repair just about any structural, mechanical, or cosmetic problems that a piano can suffer.

If you live in or near Dallas-Fort Worth, you can schedule one of our piano technicians to inspect your piano, diagnose the problems, and offer appropriate solutions and recommendations.

We repair spinets, consoles, studios, uprights – plus baby grand and grand pianos – throughout the DFW Metroplex.

Minor repair problems can often get solved onsite

If it’s a minor issue, we can often make needed repairs or adjustments onsite. We can attend to slow moving piano keys, “stuck” piano pedals, unusual rattles or buzzing sounds inside the piano, loose piano keytops, broken piano strings, and more.

If you need us to repair your piano bench, fallboard, music desk, or piano lid, our technician may need to bring the damaged item to our shop.

Did you know that more than 10,000 parts inside your piano work together to help you make music?

Unfortunately, foreign objects can mysteriously find their way into your piano. Some are harmless; others are not. If your hear weird buzzing or rattling noises, ask your piano technician to search for some of the items listed above. Years of experience will help them know where to look and how to solve the problem.

Piano action repair may require special attention in our workshop

If you’re experiencing serious piano action issues, our technician can actually remove the entire action from your piano and bring it to our shop.

Technician working on piano action

We can repair and replace damaged parts as needed. Or, our technician may suggest that we completely refurbish the piano action.

After all action work is complete, we will schedule a convenient delivery time for you. Our technician will install the action and make sure that everything is working properly.

Many people express real surprise about dramatic improvement in touch, feel, and response of the piano. Soft passages are easier to play, staccato notes sound crisper, and keys respond more predictably. The piano is a joy to play again!

Extensive repairs require time, skill, and craftsmanship

Major repair and replacement issues often require extensive time and skill to solve the problem. If you need help with piano soundboard or bridge issues, rusty piano strings, worn-out hammers, etc., we may need to discuss moving your piano to our workshop.

Piano Tuner working on upright piano

With extensive piano repair problems, we can prepare a written or verbal estimate so you can make a musical and financial decision that’s right for you. If you choose to move ahead, our piano movers can safely move your instrument to our workshop.

After the shop work is completed, you can visit our workshop, inspect the work, and talk with one of our piano technicians. With your approval, we can schedule a time for our movers to return the piano to you.

Smoke, water, or mold damage?

Pianotex can evaluate smoke, water, and mold-damaged pianos to determine the viability of a piano’s future performance.  We can also help determine cost effectiveness of anticipated repairs for piano owners and insurance companies.

In many smoke or water damage situations, time is of the essence.

Don’t delay. Contact us quickly for professional advice. Call (817) 226-9000.

Does your piano need complete restoration?

For more than 40 years, Pianotex piano technicians have repaired, reconditioned, or fully restored beautiful instruments for DFW piano owners.

We invite you to talk with us about your prospective piano restoration project – no obligation and no heavy sales pitch.

For more information, visit our piano restoration webpage.