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Our piano tuner-technicians perform onsite services in Dallas, Fort Worth, and cities within or close to the DFW Metroplex.

We tune hundreds of pianos every year. Which means we’ve gained a lot of daily practice – over the past 40 years – in the subtle art of piano tuning.

We get calls every day – from beginning piano students to professional musicians – asking us to tune their grand or upright piano. We can tune individual pianos located in private homes, apartment buildings, and even retirement communities. In addition, many DFW piano teaching studios, churches, schools, and universities schedule our technicians to ensure excellent tone, tuning, and touch.

A number of independent school districts within the Dallas – Fort Worth Metroplex schedule our piano tuner-technicians to tune as many as 75 to 100 pianos each year within their district. That’s because they want all their ensemble rehearsal room pianos, practice room pianos, and onstage performance pianos to play and sound their very best. If the piano is out of tune, it’s next to impossible for vocalists and instrumentalists to sing or play in tune.

5 Reasons Why Pianos Need Tuning and Service

  1. Piano tuning helps your piano sound its very best!
  2. Annual tuning helps protect the investment you made in your piano
  3. Tuning your piano – at least once each year – helps extend the life of your piano
  4. Annual tuning and periodic maintenance help preserve the piano’s structural integrity
  5. The beautiful sound of your well-tuned piano will inspire you to make music all year long!
Theron Ice tuning a concert grand piano

Theron Ice tuning a concert grand piano for a recent Symphony Arlington concert

How often should I get my piano tuned?

Historically, piano manufacturers strongly encouraged buyers of new pianos to tune three or four times during the first year of ownership. That’s because it takes time to stabilize the pitch of 230 (or more) new piano strings adjusting to the task of holding 18 to 20 tons of constant tension.

After the first year, we recommend tuning once or twice each year.

The schedule can vary, however. Chief factors include:

  • Condition and structural integrity of the instrument
  • Fluctuation of humidity and temperature in the room during the year
  • The original manufacturing quality of the piano.

Annual piano tuning helps extend the life of your piano

Your piano technician will test and evaluate your piano – then, let you know about any possible condition issues.

After the tuning service is completed, you can get our best recommendations for ongoing piano care, tuning, and maintenance.

We also offer piano regulation and voicing services.

Ask us when and why your piano will eventually need one or both procedures.

How much will it cost to tune my piano?

Call us at (817) 226-9000. We’re open Monday thru Saturday (10am to 6pm).

We’ll ask for information about your piano (see below) so we can give you a cost estimate.

(We can also schedule your tuning service when you call, if you’re ready to move ahead.)

NOTE: If our phones are busy, please leave a message and we’ll return your call.

FYI, we accept major credit cards, cash, or checks after the service is completed to your satisfaction.

Questions we’ll ask when you call – to prepare your tuning quote:

    • Piano manufacturer’s name?
    • How old is your piano?
    • What type of piano:  Grand piano, baby grand,
      upright, studio, console, or spinet?
    • Location of your piano in DFW:
      Benbrook, Grand Prairie, Southlake, Dallas, etc?
    • How long since your last piano tuning?
    • Any sticking keys or broken strings?
    • Did you move your piano since your last tuning
      (e.g. room to room, across the Metroplex, etc.)?
    • Do all of the piano pedals work?
    • Do you hear unusual rattles or buzzes inside the piano?

           PLUS: Any additional piano performance issues?

Or, you can click the link below to complete our Online Form:

Piano Tuning Request

We’ll respond to your online request (usually within one business day) by phone or email.

When we contact you, we’ll provide an estimate for services plus our available calendar openings.

If you’re ready to move forward, we can go ahead and schedule your piano tuning / repair service.

Here’s Some Good News!

If you’ve maintained a healthy tuning regimen over the years,
we can usually get your piano sounding great in just one appointment.

Get your piano tuned & sounding its best - Call Pianotex

What if my piano is terribly out of tune?

Your piano will sound its best if our piano tuner can match the international pitch standard of A-440 cycles per second. But if five years or more have passed since your last tuning, we will probably need to begin with a “pitch raise” procedure.

It’s important that we slowly and safely increase the tension on all 230+ strings inside your piano – before we can begin the actual piano tuning service.

Piano tuning pinsHere’s a “pitch raise” example:

If your technician tests the pitch of an “A-natural” on your piano, but hears a lower pitch (as low as “A-flat” or even a “G”), your piano will probably require a “pitch raise” plus an additional “fine tuning” service to get things back on track.

Important Note: A slow, careful “pitch raise” procedure can prevent strings from breaking and help avoid any potential damage to other parts inside your piano.

In extremely out-of-tune situations, we usually recommend a series of “pitch raise” services – scheduled across several weeks or months – to safely raise the general level of pitch for all strings. Once we get your piano stabilized, we can then perform the fine tuning of your piano. Your technician will, of course, advise you of possible options (and related costs) before any work begins.

It’s easy to get started!

Just give us a call at (817) 226-9000 and tell us about your piano.

We’re open Monday thru Saturday – from 10am to 6pm. (After hours by appointment)

If our phones are busy, please leave a message for us and we’ll return your call.

An art in itself, piano tuning has many subtle temperament and stretch values which musicians can prefer one to the other.

Experience matters when tuning and maintaining pianos.

Call Pianotex (817) 226-9000 to tell us all about your piano.