Pianos for Sale in Dallas-Fort Worth

Discover a beautiful piano
that inspires you to play

At Pianotex, you can find quality instruments that have truly stood the test of time.

Pianos from the early 1900s through the early part of the 21st Century. Each piano handpicked by our staff and professionally reconditioned or restored in our piano workshop.

And our piano store is easy to find. We’re located right in the heart of the Dallas – Fort Worth Metroplex. We invite you to visit our piano showroom in Arlington, TX, to see, hear, and play our current collection of fine pianos.

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Find upright, grand, and baby grand pianos – built in the early 1900s through the early 2000s

You can choose from quality pianos expertly prepared by our staff… each instrument now ready for many more years of excellent music making.

At any given time, you can expect to find beautiful reconditioned and restored pianos for sale in our showroom bearing well-known piano names, such as:

Mason & Hamlin

Professionally reconditioned or restored pianos offer character, history, and style

Steinway Upright Piano (1912)You’ll love the look, touch, and feel of these older pianos…all with their own personality.

You can choose from a selection of grand pianos and baby grand pianos in a variety of sizes, styles, and finishes.

Plus full upright pianos, studios, consoles, and spinets that can match your room size and decor.

Each piano is professionally prepared to play and sound as good as the day it was built. Sometimes better.


Why experience and piano craftsmanship matter

Did you know that Pianotex is one of the few full-service piano companies in Texas owned and operated by piano technicians?

Did you know that our staff has accumulated almost 100 years of combined piano tuning, repair, restoration, and piano appraisal/evaluation experience?

Those facts are important because each piano for sale in our showroom represents our work, expertise, and piano craftsmanship. Our reputation depends on it.

7 Reasons to Visit Our Piano Showroom

  1. A brand-name used or restored piano, professionally prepared in our shop, can cost much less than a comparable new model piano.
  2. According to Larry Fine, author of The Piano Book, “Many musicians and technicians believe that [vintage] instruments, when rebuilt, sound and play better than new pianos.” You may reach a similar conclusion about some of our baby grand and grand pianos built in the 1980s and 1990s, too. Come see, hear, and judge for yourself.
  3. If you’re new to the piano world, we can help answer your questions about keys and pedals, hammers and strings, or how to choose a piano that can suit your “getting started” needs.
  4. If you’re an experienced player or a professional musician, we can address your in-depth questions about tone, touch, voicing, and more. You could find the perfect piano for your home or studio.
  5. If you’re a professional designer or someone who loves the look of period pianos, we can help you, too. In addition to our traditional woodgrain and high-gloss ebony pianos, we make an effort to find and prepare quality instruments in art deco, contemporary, Victorian, Sheridan, art Nuevo, and Mission styles.
  6. If you’re a music director at a church or school, you can find an excellent piano for a rehearsal room or your concert stage. Once you’ve seen and heard our work first hand, you may want to discuss a piano tuning and maintenance package for all your pianos. We tune hundreds of church and school pianos every year.
  7. At Pianotex, we work hard to make each piano sound as good as the day it was built. Sometimes better.

Come see, hear, and play our showroom pianos

Little girl playing pianoTake as long as you want.

Ask as many questions as you want.

While you’re here – you might discover a real treasure – a fine piano for your home that will inspire you to play…

Call ahead (817) 226-9000 to let us know when you plan to visit. We can arrange for either Anna Scott or Theron Ice to meet with you. They can provide complete information about each piano in our showroom.

Plus, you can ask them to identify pianos that will best match your ideas about price, piano style and finish, tone, color, and touch.


See pictures of our current Grand Pianos and Upright Pianos for sale.